We reach out to vulnerable communities to provide outlets for self-expression and creativity through various literary forms, which lead to published or performed works


We provide direct support via scholarship awards to those who seek to advance  their education and future opportunities by attending college and majoring in a creative art form.


We provide mentorship and internship programs that develop or spark an interest in careers that rely on effective communication skills, namely writing, needed for personal and professional growth


Our Programs

These are some of our ongoing programs:

  • Literary Festival
  • “Books and Bras” (homeless and incarcerated women)
  • Reading to Seniors/Kids
  • Career Mentorships and Internships
  • Puzzle Marathon
  • Lyrical Expression Sessions
  • Summer Writing Camp
  • Creative Writing Sessions
  • Specialized Tutoring for Kids with Reading Disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADHD)

Help us, help them...

Support us with an investment in our programs to improve literacy through writing for creative and practical purposes